Take a Seat: The Keyboard Bench Leaves Key Impressions on Your Ass

When you take 2000 recycled keys off of defunct keyboards and paste them onto a bench made of baltic birch wood, you’re just asking for furniture snobs to turn up their noses in disgust. “But how could you destroy such beautiful wood?” Ahh, shove it up your key-impressed asses.

Designed by Nolan Herbut (lol, Her Butt), the Wolfang Keyboard Bench favors the environment first, and your ass second. While we’re sure the bench is immensely comfortable, but probably not as comfortable as, say, the Mouse Pad Sofa or even the Tennis Ball Chair, it’s gotta work on the same principle that a bed of nails works on. Add enough small points, compact together, and the pressure supports itself. So maybe your ass will be impression free.

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