5 Desks You Need in Your Office

If you’re a workaholic then your desk plays a pretty important part of your everyday life…so why not have a little fun with it, right? So we went looking for some really awesome desks that add a whole new level of play to being in the office all day.

Han Solo Desk

1. The Han Solo in Carbonite Desk.

We’re pretty sure that it just doesn’t get any cooler than this…well, unless you’re Han that is. You can get this baby or something equally as fantastic from Tom Spina Designs.

Master Rig DE

2. The Battle Rig Pro

The Master Rig DE AKA Battle Rig Pro is reminiscent of cubicle life, but that said, it does add a great way to keep others out of your personal space. This IS more of a gaming set up but we like the idea of being able to shut the door on over enthusiastic co-workers.

 PCE Gaming Station

3.  The PCE Gaming Station

The PCE Gaming Station is another set up intended for gamers but if you spend a little too much time at your desk, there is a level of comfort that makes this appealing to non-gamers too.

Mini Desk

4. The Mini Cooper Desk

The Mini Cooper desk is a little out there but if you’re a car fanatic and a workaholic or just someone with too much money and a desire for a weird desk, then it’s a good choice.

Reclined Workstation

5. The Surf Chair

The Surf Chair isn’t ideal for those looking to do some real work but it’s a good choice for chronic web surfers with backache.

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