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Tricks to Getting Cheap High Tech Laptops!


When it comes to looking for an affordable laptop that is also pretty modern in terms of the technology and features that it offers, things tend to get quite expensive. There are a few tips and tricks that you can implement, however, to get your next high tech laptop for a steal!

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The BUILD Developer Event Will Return To San Fran In 2014!


Good news for developers who have missed the BUILD developer event, it will return to San Francisco in 2014! In a brief announcement that was later pulled down, Microsoft announced the BUILD developer event to be returning to San Francisco, on April 2nd, 2014 and tickets will reportedly go on sale on January 14th.

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About About.me Collections


Tony Conrad and Ryan Frietas from about.me have announced the launch of about.me collections. The new service applies to all about.me profiles and allows users to create collections of people linked to their profile based on a variety of criteria established by the user.

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The USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

When it comes to gadgets that we just can't live without flash drives have to top the list every single time because...well, do you remember life before flash drives? Exactly. Well, things just got a little more exciting!

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The 200GB SkyDrive Storage Upgrade From Microsoft


Yesterday Microsoft announced that they will be making an option for 200GB of storage available for SkyDrive storage users. SkyDrive which now comes as a built in feature in the Windows 8.1, is now being offered with a 200 GB option for just $100 per year. Compared to Google and Dropbox, SkyDrive has the lowest priced offering for such significant storage.

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