For Those About To Game: Battle-Rig Pro Gamer Desk


This multi-functional furniture/personal workstation is a perfect piece of gear for a gamer’s home (compared to the best piece of head-to-head gaming system or this gaming system for quadriplegics). The Battle-Rig Pro allows you to sit in the center of the action, with all you need right around you.

The Battle-Rig provides plenty of space for all your equipment and you can even choose the color of the desk to match your decor. Even better, it doesn’t look like an automatic decapitation machine the First Person Pinball Furminator. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. wow – thas one awesome gamer rig! sweet

  2. It actually looks alot like pacman…

    M C – – – – – – – –

    *wakka wakka wakka*

  3. I can’t even begin to imagine how goofy this would look in any house. It reminds me a lot of those racecar beds we had when we were 5.

  4. ridiculously bulky and ugly

  5. @Mike and Billy You’re so right. The tackiness is ridiculous. It looks hand-painted by mommy.

  6. Why not provide a link to the manufacturer or a retailer, or include the retail price?

  7. how the heck do u get in and out… not much space.

  8. Not much room, and where would you put the second LCD

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