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10 Reasons Why Dating Geeks Can Be Fun

geek boy

For some people, the very idea of dating a geek or a "gamer" or a nerd is repulsive. We're sure we don't know any of those people but we've heard that they're out there. So, today we decided to put together a list of ten reasons why dating geeks can be fun.

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Famicon Controller Business Card Holder Will Impress Your Gamer Boss

Start praying, right now, that your boss is a gamer. Because if not, your Banpresto Famicon Controller Business Card Holder might not have the impression you were hoping for. Needless to say, this case isn’t going to work for every career. Lawyers and doctors would likely be better off with a nice leather case, or at least something with a ...

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“Just One More Level…” T-Shirt is a Symbol of Gamer Persistence

All of you gamers are likely all too familiar with this situation. It’s 3 a.m., you’ve got class in the morning, but the gaming bug has bitten you on the ass and will not let go. So what do you do? Just repeat to yourself “Just one more level… one more level…” Yeah, keep telling yourself that. A gaming hangover ...

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Corner V1 Computer Desk Offers Lots Of Space To Rest Your Elbows

Using the same uber-macho color scheme as the Battle-Rig Gamer Desk, the Corner V1 Computer Desk looks more like a drum set for one of those Rock Band games, with its circular mini-shelves and arm rests. The Vision One isn’t all bravado. It brings the noise, literally. Fully optimized for 2.1 speaker support, the Vision One offers space for two ...

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Ben Heck Returns: Atari 2600 Portable

The King of Gamer Mods, Ben Heck, has returned to his triumphant days of Atari hacking. Known in the past for this Atari portables and other gaming mods, such as this one-handed Xbox controller, Ben Heck is back with a brand new Atari portable, this time for the 2600. Running off of 6 batteries, the new Atari portable now has ...

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For Those About To Game: Battle-Rig Pro Gamer Desk

This multi-functional furniture/personal workstation is a perfect piece of gear for a gamer’s home (compared to the best piece of head-to-head gaming system or this gaming system for quadriplegics). The Battle-Rig Pro allows you to sit in the center of the action, with all you need right around you. The Battle-Rig provides plenty of space for all your equipment and ...

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DIY: PS360 Sixaxis Controller hack

Gamer-mod scientist Ben Hack is at it again, this time with a mod that slightly pains us. You might remember his mod in which he connected a PS2 controller into a PSP. In this venture, he strays slightly from the Sony gaming realm and takes the innards of a PS3 Sixaxis controller, and transplants it into the casing of a ...

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Hey, do I look like Miiself?

Elder gamer website IStillPlayGames.com has a cool gallery of photos of people standing next to their Wii Mii characters. There’s also a few children thrown in as well. Byproducts of the elder gamers, we guess. — Andrew Dobrow Link [via]

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