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Duke Nukem-like video game to psychologically analyze your depression level

Exactly what we need. Something else telling us how miserable we are. Would you ever play a game that, a shooter style Duke Nukem game nevertheless, that is supposed to be able to measure depression? The US National Institute of Mental Health conducted a study which concluded that depressed players get their gamer asses whooped more often than non-depressed players ...

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Folding Earforce X-52 Surround Sound gamer compact headphones

Being a gamer and not having great quality sound is like listening to the radio in a domed metal room. Sure you can hear it, but you have to strain to make out the details. Many people would suggest that surround sound speakers are the answer, but your typical model is clunky and expensive. Turtle Beach has released its Earforce ...

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Space Invaders are here…to warm your neck

The chill of winter is in the air and all of us gearheads need to be warm just like our fellow mortals. Sure…many of us spend most season’s inside on our computers anyway, but what about those dreaded trips to the outside? It’s a cold and dark place out there, man! So, if you wanna venture outside into the abyss, ...

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