The Sims Visa Card makes you wish your finances were as well off as your Sims charachter’s


When I play The Sims, I can’t help but feel a bit envious. Here they are, completely fictional characters with absolutely no care in the world. I envy them because they more often than not are in much better financial status than I am. The Sims Visa Card will just throw that fact in our faces even more blatantly.

Over at The Sims website you can vote for your favorite design. The winning design will have its own designated spot in the Visa family. If Visa really wants people to take notice, they’d have a cheat code feature like the one in The Sims, that instantly adds $50,000 to our bank accounts. And if we’re in some weird parallel universe and we’re actually being controlled by some overzealous gamer, than he should start kicking some ass in the cheat department for my character. — Andrew Dobrow


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