10 Reasons Why Dating Geeks Can Be Fun

For some people, the very idea of dating a geek or a “gamer” or a nerd is repulsive. We’re sure we don’t know any of those people but we’ve heard that they’re out there. So, today we decided to put together a list of ten reasons why dating geeks can be fun.

1. Geeks, nerds and gamers are generally very intelligent which makes for good conversation and successful careers.

2. Geeks are generally less judgmental and more accepting of people for who they are.

3. Most geeks are problem solvers which means that no matter what your problem, they will dedicate themselves to helping you solve it…you know, kind of like those tricky levels at the end of video games.

4. Geeks are more experienced with give and take and as a result they know how and when to concede a point.

5. Geeks are fun and they know how to have fun! Forget business suits and stuffy offices, geeks know that the real fun is in not acting your age.

6. Most geeks are not so attached to sports that they will drag you out in a rainstorm to watch a four hour long game of men running back and forth with a ball.

7. Geeks pay attention to details and generally are very good at remembering dates, times and anniversaries.

8. Geeks are who they are and they don’t play games or keep giant skeletons in the closet…at least not to the degree that many other people do.

9. Geeks are patient, they don’t rush because they know that rushing leads to mistakes, rather, they take their time and observe their surroundings.

10. Geeks are generally very successful which, while it may seem superficial, is actually a very important part of both self confidence and lowering stress levels in a relationship.

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