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10 Reasons Why Dating Geeks Can Be Fun

geek boy

For some people, the very idea of dating a geek or a "gamer" or a nerd is repulsive. We're sure we don't know any of those people but we've heard that they're out there. So, today we decided to put together a list of ten reasons why dating geeks can be fun.

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25 Things You Should Worry About More Than Gay Marriage…

Homo Sex Is Great

With the gay community still fighting for their rights to be just as miserable as the rest of us in marriage, we thought it appropriate today to share 25 things that gay marriage opponents should worry about rather than the private lives of other people… 1. Genocide. 2. Child abuse. 3. Unsolved murders. 4. Sex abuse within the church. 5. ...

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6 People Who Deserve As Much Criticism As Paula Deen

Paula Deen

We get it, at some point in her history Paula Deen has uttered a racial slur. Deen has admitted her "indiscretion" and publicly apologized. We're ready to move on, but apparently a whole lot of people aren't, so for your pleasure we present 6 people who deserve more criticism than Paula Deen.

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The $29 Question

I wrote a little commentary on my other site, The Veneziani Journal, regarding Mac OS X Snow Leopard and its pricing. At $29, this is a huge issue which could significantly affect both Microsoft and Apple. My tale of the take: Apple is pulling out its big guns this year. The thing in particular Im referring to started at the ...

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In Review: The T-Mobile G1

The lovely folk at T-Mobile just sent us our Android-equipped Google G1 phone for review. After the jump, all the pics you could ever want, including a sampling of the supposedly three-megapixel camera it has.

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