In Review: The T-Mobile G1

The lovely folk at T-Mobile just sent us our Android-equipped Google G1 phone for review. After the jump, all the pics you could ever want, including a sampling of the supposedly three-megapixel camera it has.

I’ll keep this brief and we’ll have a real review next week, once we’ve spent time with it. The G1 works and feels a lot more solid than it did a few weeks ago at the launch event. The dedicated search button on the keyboard works like a charm when viewing YouTube videos or searching around your email. The menus are solid and as you can see below this paragraph, the “three-megapixel” camera takes a note from the Sidekick and is mediocre at best. The built-in speaker plays MP3s decently but headphones will be needed.

I also linked the G1 with my Google account. After doing this, I went to write an email. As I typed my contact’s name, a list appeared with choices from Gmail. The Google integration is a real treat with the G1.

Oh and remember TunesRemote, that iTunes Remote Control application for Android? I tried it out on both Windows and Mac machines and boy does it work great. Crashed a few times but hey, pretty decent.

Give us a week for the full rundown. I wanted to get these pictures up with a brief hands on so you guys can get excited. This is T-Mobile competitor to the iPhone and while it’s no iPhone, it’s a pleasure to use and has its own qualities that make it stand out above the iPhone.

A picture of Ryan Ash, working hard (or hardly working). Taken with the G1.

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  1. hmm why is het T-mobile branded when are they going to sell televisions with cabel suplier branded.

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