6 People Who Deserve As Much Criticism As Paula Deen

We get it, at some point in her history Paula Deen has uttered a racial slur. Deen has admitted her “indiscretion” and publicly apologized. We’re ready to move on, but apparently a whole lot of people aren’t, so for your pleasure we present 6 people who deserve just as much criticism as Paula Deen.

Paula Deen
Brian Killian/WireImage

1. Rachel Jeantel

The 19 year old “star witness” of the Zimmerman trial who not only insulted a defense lawyer while being questioned, but did so invoking the”r-word” and consequently offending a number of individuals in one fell swoop.

2. Everybody Opposing Gay Marriage

No words can describe just how many millions of people have been offended by the opposition of gay marriage. Those who have used racial slurs in the process deserve twice the attention from pitchfork wielders.

3. Lil’ Wayne

Why? Because not only do his songs contain the “N-word” but they also reference “gangsta’s,” “pimps,” “ho’s,” “crack,” “bitches,” “crackers” and continuous use of the “f-word.” Is Paula Deen any better than Lil’ Wayne? Maybe not, but she sure is being made out to be.

4. This Guy

Sammie Lamont Wallace takes a 2 year old hostage.

5. Those who played a role in Apartheid

Documenting Apartheid One Long Nightmare

6. North Korea

Okay…perhaps they deserve a tad more criticism than Paula Deen…

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