25 Things You Should Worry About More Than Gay Marriage…

With the gay community still fighting for their rights to be just as miserable as the rest of us in marriage, we thought it appropriate today to share 25 things that gay marriage opponents should worry about rather than the private lives of other people…

Homo Sex Is Great

1. Genocide.

2. Child abuse.

3. Unsolved murders.

4. Sex abuse within the church.

5. Curing cancer.

6. Feeding the hungry.

7. Housing the homeless.

8. Healthcare for the uninsured.

9. Domestic violence.

10. The loss of biodiversity.

11. Conservation of dying species.

12. North Korea.

13. Wounded soldiers with inadequate healthcare.

14. Kids in today’s society that lack any discipline whatsoever.

15. Supporting active servicemen and women.

16. Portraying healthy role models for future generations.

17. Providing clean water to EVERY nation globally.

18. Preventing human trafficking.

19. Eliminating sex trafficking.

20. Longer prison terms and harsher punishment for serious and violent crimes.

21. The elimination of malaria.

22. Affordable global availability of all major vaccines.

23. The depletion of natural resources.

24. The pursuit of your own happiness.

25. A whole lot of other things…

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