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The Millennium Falcon DJ Deck!

Millenium Falcon DJ Deck

There are a lot of really awesome DJ decks out there and today we want to take a minute to pay homage to one of our favorites as we wind down from all of the Christmas madness and prepare for a crazy new year!

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4 Gifts For Your Technophile This Christmas!


If you are looking for a gift for the technophile in your life this Christmas then look no further…okay, maybe you will have to since we only have four gift ideas to share with you today but still, they are pretty great ones! Four Technophile Gifts For Your Christmas List! 1.  Hypnosquare It’s not the Hypnotoad but there is something ...

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Paperboy Done Super Geek Style!

Paper Boy

Regardless of the number of video games you have stacked on your gamer shelves, Paper Boy will always be one of the classics that no gamer can forget. Well as it turns out, one group of super geeks couldn't forget it either!

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10 Reasons Why Dating Geeks Can Be Fun

geek boy

For some people, the very idea of dating a geek or a "gamer" or a nerd is repulsive. We're sure we don't know any of those people but we've heard that they're out there. So, today we decided to put together a list of ten reasons why dating geeks can be fun.

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6 Pretty Awesome Baby Geek Products

Goodnight IPad

Kids these days have it easy, there's an app for this and an app for that and a gadget for just about everything. We are raising a generation of geeks and technophiles...and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that, just take a look at these 6 pretty awesome baby geek products!

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Because Gandalf Said It, That’s Why


Has there ever been a moment that you just wanted to slap someone when they ask why? Well we can't condone slapping but we can condone responding with " because Gandalf said it, that's why." This is an adequate answer after you have spoken any of the quotes below...

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