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Light Saber Remote Control makes Jedi jealous

Remote controls are usually a dime a dozen. A flat piece of plastic with assorted buttons strewn on one side is a nice generic description of most remote controls. The Light Saber Remote Control adds some flavor to the same old, same old. Design company Taito, designed the Light Saber Remote out of sheer spite for the conforming designs of ...

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Proclaim your love for everything Mozilla with a backpack

Firefox merch is probably some of the best merch that money can buy. If you are one of the very inteligent people across the world who have made the decision to be a convert of a clean and extendable browser, that little picture of a T-Rex head should be very recognizable to you. While it isn’t the Firefox symbol, it ...

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eBoy Tech Wall Poster, Spice Up Your Stucco

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of the internet ever? This poster is one hot piece of wall decoration. Nothing can support your inner geekiness more then a wall poster featuring all of the big names in the corporate internet world. Our personal favorite is the neon Foo Bar sign in the lower right corner. Wonder if they serve a smooth ...

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