6 Pretty Awesome Baby Geek Products

Kids these days have it easy, there’s an app for this and an app for that and a gadget for just about everything. We are raising a generation of geeks and technophiles…and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that, just take a look at these 6 pretty awesome baby geek products!

Goodnight IPad

Goodnight IPad

Forget the moon, we have iPad’s now!

Enterprise Feeding System

Okay, so we’re more Warsy than Trekky but it has flashing lights so we’re calling it a win!

The Tardis play tent is the epitome of awesome baby geek products.

Noob Creeper

Does it get any geekier than a N00b creeper? We think not.

My Little Geek ABC Book

Even the basics have been geek-ified.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

This one is more nerd than geek but either way it’s really awesome!

Via: Think Geek

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