10 Reasons Why Kids Today Are A Whole Different Beast

As a teenager, you no undoubtedly screamed from the rooftops that you’d never be like your parents. This includes uttering “kids today…” the awful truth however, is that no matter how hard you try, these words will always come out of your mouth.

The thing is, that kids today ARE a whole different beast to kids when we were growing up…why is that? Take a look at ten of the reasons…

Kids Today
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1. Homes have dishwasher machines not dish washing kids.

2. Kids don’t get turfed outside to play.

3. Kids have far too much access to technology.

4. Kids ALL have cellphones.

5. There is no “researching at the library.”

6. Socializing is all done online, through texting or via e-mail.

7. Kids today don’t fear adults because there is no discipline.

8. Kids today are overmedicated.

9. Kids today are given the option of what they want for dinner.

10. Kids today have tablets, computers, laptops and smartphones, there is no need to do any legwork for anything anymore.

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