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The Risks Of Children and Teenagers On iGaming

Card games at home, lottery tickets, and scratchy cards are the most prevalent gambling among children and teens. By the time they reach their twenties, some kids have moved on to more severe forms of gambling, including horse racing and other forms of sports betting.   In one of the Gambling Commission’s reports on gambling, over half a million children have ...

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10 Best KimCartoon Alternatives Websites for Watching Cartoons


For as long as I can remember, anime and cartoons have always been a massive part of the lives of children and adults alike. Watching hand-drawn cartoons on a screen is something that makes a lot of people feel calm and relaxed after a long hard day.  When it comes to watching cartoons and anime online, there might be some ...

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Totlol The Kid Safe Alternative To YouTube!


YouTube has some pretty entertaining videos and toons for kids, but then it also has some very kid unfriendly videos too and as a parent it can be very difficult making sure that our kids don't end up watching those videos instead. Now TotLOL offers a more kid friendly environment for video watching.

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Kids Talk About Inventions They Want to See Made!

Kids Inventions

Kids have a unique ability to make everything seem possible which is why it's so much fun to talk to them about inventions that they would like to see come to life. Today we want to share what is possibly one of the cutest videos ever, as kids talk about inventions that they want to see made...

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The Clean Way to Draw on Your Walls

Anyone with kids knows that all that’s required for disaster to strike is the time it takes for a quick run to the bathroom. Turn your back on your kids for three minutes and they WILL make you pay. If every child had the ability to paint beautiful murals, wall drawing wouldn’t be such an issue to me, but that’s ...

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A Doggy Door for Your Kids

I was thinking the other day, “Hey, you know what? My dog gets more rights than my own future kids will ever have.” It just doesn’t make much sense to me for a few reasons. I’ll love both my dog and my kids unconditionally I buy both of them expensive toys. Both my dog and my kids will both need ...

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