A Doggy Door for Your Kids

I was thinking the other day, “Hey, you know what? My dog gets more rights than my own future kids will ever have.” It just doesn’t make much sense to me for a few reasons. I’ll love both my dog and my kids unconditionally I buy both of them expensive toys. Both my dog and my kids will both need to be crated when I leave for the day. Both of them are held on a leash on the rare occasion I let them out of the house. Both prefer Purina over Alpo. Yet, my doggy gets a door. That doesn’t seem very fair.

The Minjjoo Children’s Door finally provides my child with the same luxury as his canine counterpart. Almost like he’s a little human or something. It makes sense. And now I won’t have to worry about getting an electric fence. I can just lock the door so he can only leave under my supervision. What can I say, I’m going to spoil my little guy.

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    I just told someone the other day that I like the dog because when I put him in a crate no one calls me an abuser. If I make him sleep on the porch in the rain its no big deal and I won’t cause long term emotional issues sure to cost 100 grand to fix if in fact they’re fixable.

    You are too funny.

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