Totlol The Kid Safe Alternative To YouTube!

YouTube has some pretty entertaining videos and toons for kids, but then it also has some very kid unfriendly videos too and as a parent it can be very difficult making sure that our kids don’t end up watching those videos instead. Now TotLOL offers a more kid friendly environment for video watching.


TotLol first came about in 2008 when its founder made the site a hub for kid friendly YouTube videos. The founder realized that he couldn’t do the job alone however, and the operation soon closed its doors. Today new founders are looking to revamp the website concept and also offer a mobile app to offer kid friendly videos with in app purchase options. These in app purchases are an alternative method for generating revenue as opposed to showing advertisements.

The Totlol system was built utilizing parent recommended YouTube video URLS and having recommending parties categorize the URLs. The system features a parent dashboard where parents can share videos when accessed through a typical web browser. When using the mobile Totlol network however, users are taken directly to a simple video viewer.

Most of the videos currently available on the Totlol network are rated for children up to age 12 but are certainly more focused on providing content for toddlers and kindergarteners.

Reviewers of the system say that the mobile app could definitely use a little work based on the size of navigation buttons that take up a significant portion of the screen. Additionally, the system utilizes verification once users are logged in that requires parents to set up viewing before content is made accessible. With that said though, the system is a good service that meets a need for parents of children of all ages.

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