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6 Pretty Awesome Baby Geek Products

Goodnight IPad

Kids these days have it easy, there's an app for this and an app for that and a gadget for just about everything. We are raising a generation of geeks and technophiles...and we see absolutely nothing wrong with that, just take a look at these 6 pretty awesome baby geek products!

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AT-AT Baby Stroller Forces Newborns to Absorb Your Geekiness

So, the other day I was thinking about how bad I’m going to torture my kids. And I’m not even going to wait until they’re old enough to defend themselves against the torture. Oh, no. Sure, call me evil. I call it crafty. The AT-AT Baby Stroller will hopefully ingrain some form of geekiness into my child’s mind even before ...

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Mobile Mobile Will Put Giant Geeky Monster Babies to Sleep

Even horrendous geeky monsters have babies in need of some mobile-aided relaxation. The hideous beasts will be wooed into sleepy land with this wonderful Mobile Mobile. Ohh, look at all the pretty phones. The Mobile Mobile is the result of an agency-wide upgrade which left UK-based Lost Boys International with 50 defunct HTC devices. Being the devilshly creative firm that ...

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Good Parenting: Temperature Sensitive Bottles

When you have an infant, you must warm up milk in a bottle for them to gulp down. However, too cold and the child will bitch and moan. Too hot, and Child Protection Services will be knocking at your door for reasons unknown. Cut the bullshit and just get this temperature-sensitive bottle from designers Hung Cheng, Tzu-Yu Huang, Tzu-Wei Wang, ...

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I’m in your MacBook, illusioning your optics

Is it a teaser for a new song, Baby Got Mac, or a new movie, Babies In A MacBook? Nope, just a new MacBook display illusion. MacBook display optical illusions are by no reach of the imagination a new phenomenon, though this specific one is. The nameless baby looks as though he is stuck in a MacBook, reaching with all ...

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