5 Computer Languages You Should Be Learning

As a computer nerd you know that the world of computer programming languages is constantly evolving but some computer languages every geek needs to know including the following…

C For Dummies

1. Javascript.

A lightweight language, Javascript is a programming language even non-geeks should be familiar with.

2. Java.

A much heavier language, Java is the language everyone loves to hate but is still a language worth knowing.

3. Haskell

A functional language, Haskell is another language worth adding to your repertoire but can definitely be difficult to grasp.

4. C

A much older language, C is still a very pertinent programming language that is both simple and efficient.


A constantly evolving language, PERL is compatible with many other platforms and is something that will likely stick around for many years to come.


A general purpose programming language which can be used for variety of applications. Check out python assignment help here.

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