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6 Oddly Themed Weddings

theme wedding

Have you ever imagined what a real geek wedding looks like? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore since today we are sharing 6 oddly themed weddings...not all of them geeky!

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15 Geek Gift Must Haves

Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light

When it comes to buying gifts for geeks things really couldn't be easier...although, that could be because we're geeks ourselves... Anyway, take a look at these 15 geek gift must haves that we've selected just for you!

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5 Cakes For Gamers to Worship

Pokemon Cake

Is there anything more amazing than a cake that perfectly exemplifies your favorite video game? We don't think so! Take a look at these 5 cakes for gamers to worship!

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Trekkies Versus Warsies

Star Trek Versus Star Wars Infographic

This video got us to searching for what other Trekkie versus Warsie stuff is out there to peruse...so we started Googling and this is what we found...the mother of all Star Wars Versus Star Trek infographic comparisons from Hark.com

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The Evolution of the Geek Flowchart (Infographic)

It all started so innocently. A simple linguistic evolution. Geckus led to geek which eventually led to gleek and all of the numerous off roads. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the word geek became a part of culture, but geeks have always existed, even if the word didn’t. Flowtown created this helpful flowchart infographic to show the evolution of ...

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iCard: The iBook Greeting Card

Birthday cards are hard to pick out as it is, but when shopping for a geek, it becomes even more difficult. Skimming through the cards at your local Walmart doesn’t leave you many options. These iCards are inspired by the original Apple iBook laptops. I haven’t seen many greeting cards which are specifically geared to Apple fans, in fact, this ...

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The A-Z of Awesomeness: An Alternative Method of Learning the Alphabet

The future geeks of America are going to have about as much patience to learn in school as a mouse has patience to escape a mouse trap. Technology has minimized patience to a minimum, thanks to the speed of now. So, how are we going to teach future generations the essentials? Such as reading. The A-Z of Awesomeness caught my ...

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