The Millennium Falcon DJ Deck!

There are a lot of really awesome DJ decks out there and today we want to take a minute to pay homage to one of our favorites as we wind down from all of the Christmas madness and prepare for a crazy new year!

Millenium Falcon DJ Deck

Jesse Dean of Jesse Dean Designs spends his time modding all kinds of DJ equipment but one of his latest mods caught the attention of nerds everywhere – the Millennium Falcon DJ Deck. Geeky mods aren’t a new thing for Jesse Dean, he has done plenty of nerdy mods in his time, but this Millennium Falcon piece is one of our all time favorites!

Jesse Dean has modded plenty of DJ equipment in his time and the Millenium Falcon is sure not to be the last but this awesome piece built around a Pioneer CDJ-2000 deck is just mind blowing. So is this thing actually functional? You bet! Dean’s mods all ensure that the original equipment is still functional.

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