Best Gadgets Money Can Buy This Christmas

What if you could have the best tech money can buy this Christmas?

Unless you shop around, you’re likely to discover that gadgets can be expensive. The latest iPad, iPhone or even the Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost you hundreds, leaving you with little left for Christmas dinner or booze. As many of us are feeling the pinch, stretching to, say, £100 for a budget tablet seems a little far off, but what if money was no object?

The £5m iPad would be a little flash, but who wouldn’t want a tablet made with a rare rock case which also had a hint of T-Rex thighbone? If nothing else, it will have all your friends feeling envious of how cool your new iPad is, no matter what apps you have downloaded! As an accessory, you might want to splash a few thousand on a crystal docking system.

Not up in smoke

If you want to quit smoking, it might make sense to spend money on an electronic cigarette, but what about one that cost £550,000 that’s encrusted in diamonds and gold? According to, that’s exactly what one UK-based Russian oil tycoon has done. It will certainly get your friends talking if you ‘vaped’ on one of those.

ecig diamond

Something else you might want to lose in your handbag or pocket is a $3,000 Swiss Army Knife. This particular gadget has one big difference – it comes with a 1TB USB flash drive, making it handy to put plenty of your photos or files from work on. It might be a handy accompaniment to your rare iPad, but it might also seem a little bit fiddly to own.

Plush phone

Most top-of-the-range smartphones sell for a few hundred pounds when bought without a SIM card, while those bought as part of monthly contracts can cost even more, but what about paying $13,800 for one? That’s exactly how much the Vertu Constellation smartphone will set you back, but what do you get for your money?

It has a Symbian OS and Swype keyboard and is coated in red gold, which is rare to find on any gadget. However, its main selling point is the Concierge Live app, a 24/7 one that allows you to order the finer things in life such as first-class flights and expensive wine.

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