The R2D2 USB Charger, Because We Need A Black Friday Break

Because we’re tired and you’re probably tired and we are also so DONE with Black Friday that we are sharing with you something incredible awesome – the R2D2 cup holder charger.


We know that if you’re like most people then you are attached to the few cup holders that you have in your car, but this R2D2 charger is worth giving one of them up, seriously. This mini droid retails for $50 and plugs in to your cigarette lighter. You will find two USB ports (2.1 Amps) and the very best part? R2D2’s head rotates and he lights up! The lights indicate the charging status of your gadget and his arms can be extended to make him fit in to even the largest cup holders so he won’t rattle around and drive you insane. Does it get any better? Well, he does have sound effects too which is possible the coolest part of this mini droid…at least in our opinion.

You can grab your droid right now at Think Geek!

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