Why You Need The ChargeIt 3600mAh Backup Battery

There are a million and one battery charging products out on the market but the ChargeIt 3600mAh backup battery is everyone of those products rolled in to one.


The ChargeIt 3600mAh backup battery is everything you could ever need out of a backup battery and more, why’s that you say? Well, it not only has adapters for just about every device you could ever need to charge, but it also integrates those adapters right in to the charger itself so you’ll never find yourself without the one cord you need! The small battery charger integrates the USB, microUSB, Lightning, and Apple Dock Connector cables right in to the charging device so you will never forget that one crucial cable again. Each of the four adapters are built straight in to the charger and cannot be removed so they will never go “missing” either!

The ChargeIt has plenty of charging power at 3600mAh and is a steal at $50. You can preorder yours now from Digital Treasures in the source link below!

Via Digital Treasures

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