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Top 5 Tech Gadgets Everyone Should Have

top 5 gadgets

  The world is full of nifty little gadgets that you would just love to hold in your hand. Every day something new and awesome is being announced at some conference, expo, or other show. Sure, you can live without most of the gadgets you see, but is that any reason to not get them? Of course not! Here are ...

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Arc Reactor Coasters Make For Great Geek Gifts

Arc Reactor Coasters

With Christmas coming up fast we wanted to take a look at some good gift ideas for the tech lovers and geeks in your life, today we ran across these awesome arc reactor coasters. Perfect for the Marvel lover in your life or as a stocking stuffer for the geek at heart, these arc reactor coasters make for the perfect ...

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Slim Plugs Save You A Centimeter or Two

I always hated plugging electronics in behind furniture because the furniture is never able to be flat enough against the wall for my liking. For example, when I plug my phone charger in behind my bed, I’m forced to keep the head of my bed two inches from the wall, or else the plug would be knocked out of its ...

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