Top 5 Tech Gadgets Everyone Should Have

 top 5 gadgets

The world is full of nifty little gadgets that you would just love to hold in your hand. Every day something new and awesome is being announced at some conference, expo, or other show.

Sure, you can live without most of the gadgets you see, but is that any reason to not get them? Of course not! Here are the top 5 tech gadgets that anyone who wants to be anyone in the world of technology should have with them:

Light Mate Emergency LED Flashlight ($29.99) –

This amazing little gadget, made by Satechi, is definitely one of the coolest things in existence. It features a 2200mAh powerbank to charge your mobile phone in case of an emergency battery death. It also has an alloy steel conical tip to smash windows if you get trapped in something like a sinking car or a building on fire.

In addition to this, it is a powerful LED flashlight with a bunch of different options, like the strobe for when you want to party but your friend forgot to bring the disco ball, or SOS for when you need help, are lost, or just need to play a prank on a fishing boat. According to customer reviews the light is one of the handiest things to have when you are going just about anywhere. Definitely a must have gadget this year!

Cobra Jumpack ($149.95) –

We all know the struggle when your car just won’t start, and you are in the middle of nowhere. The normal choice would be to either walk to the nearest town, or to wait for another car to come along and help you out with a jump start.

With the Cobra Jumpack, you don’t need to do either. This powerful 7500mAh portable powerpack can charge your phone when it dies and can jump start your car MULTIPLE times. Portable enough to be stored in a backpack, this is the one gadget you HAVE to get.

LG G Watch Urbane ($349.90) –

This is one of the coolest looking smartwatches out there. It can connect to any phone that has Android Wear, and boasts of a gorgeous sporty design as well as a super-fast Snapdragon processor.

Star Wars BB-8 RC Droid ($149.99) –

This adorable little robot looks exactly like it does in the epic space saga. It can be controlled from a smartphone, and put in manual mode or automatic patrolling. It is definitely one of the cutest gadgets to have!

Qi – enabled Wireless Charger ($19.99) –

This is a must have for anyone with a compatible smartphone! The Qi standard is used in nearly all modern phones and by all manufacturers, so any Qi charger works with any phone. Perfect for the office employee.

Those are the top 5 gadgets everyone MUST have in their homes or offices this year! Keep a look out for any of them going on sale near you, and you just might strike jackpot.

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