‘Epidermal (Skin-Grafted) Electronics’ Are Now Closer to Reality

Researchers have developed unique electronics that can be stuck to the skin just like a temporary tattoo. These devices were originally intended to be less invasive medical monitoring devices, but are being regarded as a potential breakthrough in the area of “epidermal electronics”.

Integrating computer components and electronic devices into the human body is hardly a new idea. Science fiction writers have been imagining a future race of “cyborg humans” for decades. However, with recent advancements in this arena of research, their visions may actually have a chance of becoming a reality.

Would you be comfortable having a cell phone grafted onto your throat, allowing you true hands-free calling? How about keyboard capabilities that could be unlocked just by using your fingers and tapping on any surface? Perhaps the future of these devices isn’t so far off.


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  1. I am very happy with the Samsung Infuse I purchased – I will not switch phones just in 4 months. The software running these phones need to be improved – more intuitive and easy to handle.

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