Arc Reactor Coasters Make For Great Geek Gifts

With Christmas coming up fast we wanted to take a look at some good gift ideas for the tech lovers and geeks in your life, today we ran across these awesome arc reactor coasters.

Arc Reactor Coasters

Perfect for the Marvel lover in your life or as a stocking stuffer for the geek at heart, these arc reactor coasters make for the perfect geek gifts. These coasters are available at Think Geek and come in a set of four for just under $30. The arc reactor coasters glow bright blue and replicate the Iron Man arc reactor from Iron Man 3. These coasters are exclusive to Think Geek and are also a licensed Marvel product. These Plastic and aluminum coasters are powered by brightly lit LEDs to ensure a bright glow and each one has an on and off switch on the bottom to stop the batteries from running too low too fast. These coasters measure 3 3/4″ diameter, .4″ thick and they are not dishwasher safe. Each coaster weighs 2 ounces and takes two 8 3V CR2032 button cell batteries. Each coaster also comes with three rubber feet on the bottom to keep them from slipping off the table when in use.

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