$139 A Month For Your New Smart Car?

The Smart Fortwo ED may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect family car but it might make budgeting car payments a lot easier for many.

Smart Fortwo ED

While buying the car would be beneficial due to the phenomenally good gas mileage and, according to the latest tax estimators, a potentially-sizable tax write off; for some, the aspect of buying a car outright isn’t feasibly responsible. Luckily, the Smart Fortwo ED is leasing for just $139 a month for a three year 30,000 mile lease. This leasing option might not provide you with a car large enough for a big family, but it is a good option for families in need of a budget car to get to and from work or errands. The stated leasing fee includes a battery assurance plus program which is available to purchasers of the car for an additional $80 a month. What’s the catch? Well in order to get this affordable rate you first have to throw down $1,999 and sign on the East coast, in Oregon or in California.

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