In name of the Wii, Xbox 360 display boxes vandalized in an act of guerrilla hack marketing


Some geek out there really doesn’t want us to buy an Xbox 360, and they aren’t afraid to throw it in our faces either. While one of the game store owners was distracted, over-zealous gamer Dustin Wilson took a white marker and wrote the words “Buy a Wii instead!” on the three Xbox display boxes in the window of the store.

The antic is an entry to the EvWiiWhere Challenge, a contest for Wii fans to show the word Wii spelled out in unconventional ways. The vandalism of the 360 box seems a little immature for our tastes. But who knows. Those Xbox boxes in question could be worth a lot more now. We’re sure Miyamoto is thrilled with these fanboy antics. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. How am I supposed to buy a Wii if they’re sold out everywhere!! These fanboys want me to buy a Wii, and then prevent me from doing so buy buying up all the stock! It’s unfair, I tell you!

  2. It makes sense, I mean Wii owners need something to do since there aren’t any games worth playing on the system and there is no online play. I think I would get pretty bored too.

  3. photoshop vandalism.

  4. xbox360ownerhater

    Your comment is a vandalism

  5. The Wii is for kids and has last gen graphics….ok the wiimote is cool idea but its just a novelty that could get boring very fast, and lets face it, sometimes we just wanna sit on a cumfy chair and play our favourite games without prancing about with a wiimote. I play my games on a big leater recliner and u cannot get more cumfy than that. Serious games should get the xbx 360 which has the best libray of games available just now.

  6. @Reza: Buy a Wii instead!

  7. @reza
    why cant you sit down and play the wii, i do all the time, the wiimote just records movements, not physical body movements. so i could play on your nice comfy leather recliner also Reza. and just to let you know, wii isnt for kids, check the stats, compared to the ages of people who play x360, i’d say the wii has older players then xbox will ever see. wii might have bright colors and appealing visuals in all their games, but hey, whatever gets people of ALL ages to play then they must be doing something right. last time i checked (2 mins ago) wii was leading the market in all aspects (most games in top 50, selling most consoles per week, more people playing their games)(worldwide stats !!!)

    just give up already saying its for kids, thats old, just jump on the bandwagon and have some fun already, after all, video gaming is to have fun, always was always will be, unless ps3 has something to do with it (trying to make an entertainment system not just a video game system) because everyone knows they just cant make decent games anymore

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