Chairigami Folding Cardboard Furniture

If you’re trying to save money on furniture then Chairigami might be a good place to start.


Chairigami is a small company founded by Zach Rotholz. The company grew out of Zach Rotholz senior project at Yale and grew out of just $5,000 seed money. So just what is Chairigami? It’s furniture made from refoldable triple-wall cardboard. Why would you want cardboard furniture we hear you ask? Well, not only is it affordable (Rotholz prices shelving starting at $65 and a sofa starting at $100) but it is also exceptionally easy to move. In addition to being light weight, the Chairigami furniture can be flat packed to make moving day a breeze!

Looking to start your cardboard furniture collection? Check out the Chairigami store online.

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