Life Organized In To 100 Square Feet With The Living Cube!

Have you ever wondered just whether you could fit your life in to 100 square feet? No? Few people actually have, but when faced with very little space in his studio apartment, Swiss designer Till Könneker did just that.

The Living Cube

Till Könneker created the living cube, a 100 square foot cube that features a loft style bed, a closet, an entertainment center, a clothes rack and a “walk in closet” designed for items that should remain unseen. The walk in closet is more of a small storage “hall” that runs underneath the bed and is accessible from a door to the right of the bed’s ladder, but it’s still a pretty nifty arrangement.

Living Cube Storage

Sure, it could use a little refining in terms of decor, but it’s a pretty neat solution for a grown man limited on space who doesn’t want to channel his inner 6 year old with a bunkbed.

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