Vinyl Sticker Wall Chair: An Excuse To Hoard

In most cases, stacking crap you don’t wanna throw out or just can’t find it in yourself to part with (magazines, mail, soiled diapers, you know, the usual) could be seen as either hoarding or just plain unorganized. The Vinyl Wall Sticker Chair gives you an excuse to stack crap in massive piles on your floor. And that excuse, ironic enough, is space saving.

Go ahead, pile those decade old National Geographic mags on your floor space. It’s your damn floor, right? Just add a little wall decoration to make it look like it’s all SUPPOSED to look that way. Your guests might leave thinking to themselves, “Hey, ya know? Hoarding doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea.”

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  1. Funny
    Great tips I like to use wall stickers for my children’s wall decor, just because they are easy to put up and more important when my boys change there mind I can take them down or change them to a diffent theme.
    Some sites I would suggest are. for older children and Presto Chango or
    Of course there are 1000 of websites that sell wall decor to choose from so shop around.

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