Mother 3 English Patch Available At The End Of The Week

Nintendo screwed over a lot of Earthbound fans by not releasing its sequel, Mother 3, in the states. Despite all the persistence the Earthbound community has demonstrated by forming petitions and massively spamming Nintendo Of America‘s mail room, the folks at Nintendo feel that translating Mother 3 into English will not yield much profit in the states.

So, a crew of ragtag die-hard Earthbound fans have taken upon themselves to translate it into English for all of us English-speaking gamers who can’t read a lick of Japanese. I, myself am a huge Earthbound fan and have been holding off playing Mother 3 until I could actually understand what was going on. If you’re as excited as I am, download a GBA emulator and a Mother 3 ROM. At the end of the week, a patch will be available that’ll translate the ROM for you. Finally.

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  1. Don’t just download the Mother 3 ROM. Help keep showing Nintendo our support of the Mother series by purchasing a legal copy of Mother 3.

  2. Nintendo is aware of the size of Mother’s fan base, yet they are not willing to support their fans by releasing the title in the states. If Nintendo won’t support some of its most loyal customers, why should we support Nintendo? Nintendo doesn’t give two shits about its consumers.Buy a Japanese copy of Mother 3? No thanks, Nintendo has not earned such treatment.

  3. I don’t think it’s just because of profit that Nintendo hasn’t ported the game over to the Americas. There are things in the game that I don’t necessarily know if our EXTREMELY censored country would allow over here and be kept a Everyone rated game as it is supposed to be. Obvious expample: The “Magypsies” that are a sacred and ancient race are CLEARLY dragqueeens or transexuals. Not that I have any problem with this. In fact, I find it quite humerous and like it in the game. It’s a nice change of pace that adds so quirkiness, LOL! But we know that there would be some people that it would offend greatly to “let their children be ‘exposed’ do such moral attrocities”…

    In short, America needs to grow up… This COMING from an American… LOL!

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