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Marriage Proposal With A Chrono Trigger Hack

We all do some pretty dorky things in our time. Whether it be waiting two hours to get an autograph from William Shatner or cosplaying as one of your favorite Star Wars characters, dorkiness never escapes us. Hacking a video game to propose marriage is another feat that tops our list. A guy who goes by the handle TheRealPfhreak hacked ...

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Mother 3 English Patch Available At The End Of The Week

Nintendo screwed over a lot of Earthbound fans by not releasing its sequel, Mother 3, in the states. Despite all the persistence the Earthbound community has demonstrated by forming petitions and massively spamming Nintendo Of America‘s mail room, the folks at Nintendo feel that translating Mother 3 into English will not yield much profit in the states. So, a crew ...

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DIY: Game Boy Floppy Drive

Have you ever wanted to add a floppy drive to your Nintendo Game Boy in order to read ROM files for all of your games? Neither have I, considering you can just download an emulator. Regardless, a French author has posted everything (even circuit diagrams) you’ll need to turn your portable gaming system into a cumbersome mess of wires. Sure, ...

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