Marriage Proposal With A Chrono Trigger Hack

We all do some pretty dorky things in our time. Whether it be waiting two hours to get an autograph from William Shatner or cosplaying as one of your favorite Star Wars characters, dorkiness never escapes us. Hacking a video game to propose marriage is another feat that tops our list. A guy who goes by the handle TheRealPfhreak hacked a Chrono Trigger SNES�ROM to propose his love to his girlfriend.

In the game, a golden knight spawns on top of one of the mountains in 1000 AD and begins to rant about a woman he loves. It just so happens that TheRealPfhreak’s girlfriend was playing and stumbled upon the golden night who revealed his love to the player herself. Talk about breaking down the fourth wall.

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  1. Damn, that’s geeky.

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