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Newlyweds Update Facebook Relationship Status From the Altar

Sure, this couple meant their little prank as a� joke and it was actually pretty damn funny, especially since they got the priest involved, but how long until this is actually common place? I can definitely see this becoming some sort of wacky trend and eventually, a tradition. I now pronounce you man and wife, you may change your status. ...

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The Hack and Slash Zombie Wedding Cake

They totally stole my idea! Featuring multi-tiered zombie madness, the wedding cake toppers on this baked bad boy are desperately trying to be wed in holy matrimony before their brains are devoured. But will they make it in time? Next week on When Baked Zombies Attack! Link

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Zombie Wedding Cake Topper and Other Ways to Ruin a Marriage

Wedding cake toppers are the first image of the wedded couple in holy matrimony. Often, toppers are used to represent the personalities of the couples. So of course, there are a multitude of geeky wedding cake toppers, including this rad zombie topper. Check out a few more geeky toppers after the jump.

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Marriage Proposal With A Chrono Trigger Hack

We all do some pretty dorky things in our time. Whether it be waiting two hours to get an autograph from William Shatner or cosplaying as one of your favorite Star Wars characters, dorkiness never escapes us. Hacking a video game to propose marriage is another feat that tops our list. A guy who goes by the handle TheRealPfhreak hacked ...

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