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Rasslin’ Robots: Japanese Robots Programmed for Professional Wrestling

First there was Shawn Michaels and The Rock, now prepare for SHN MC-LS and The Metal. Dekinnoka takes the concept of professional wrestling, a la the WWE, and turns it on its big fat non-metallic head. Broadcast live online from Ustream TV, Japanese Professional Robot Wrestling pairs machine against machine, programmer against programmer, robot against robot. The next scheduled show ...

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Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses Let You Keep Control Over Your Facial Expressions

While Botox is definitly effective for wrinkle-busting and age preservation, it’s also extremely proficient in the art of paralyzing your facial muscles, leaving you largely unable to communicate your emotions. The Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses probably aren’t anywhere near as effective as Botox (if at all), but they’re painless, noninvasive and of course, Japanese. Wearing the Mejikara glasses for a mere ...

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250 Pokemon Redesigned as Ancient Mythological Japanese Creatures

If Pokemon had been first drawn in the days of feudal Japan, those pocket monsters might have looked a bit different. In fact, they likely would have taken on a similar style as the demons which fill ancient Japanese scrolls. This clever Japanese artist redrew the Pokemon, reimagining their design to resemble ancient mythological Japanese creatures. First there was Godzilla, ...

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Famicom Guitar Brings All of My Dreams Into Fruition

This custom built Famicom Guitar is the product of many a-geeks’ dreams throughout the last two decades. As a guitar playing geek, there is little more enduring than a guitar made to celebrate a gaming console, unless of course we’re talking about a steampunk-inspired guitar, because then, Famicom might just be shit out of luck. Wait a sec. Who says ...

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