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Linux Running in Your Web Browser

Javascript based games, Angelfire, Dragon Ball Z, and a rudimentary knowledge of HTML describes the summer before my seventh grade year. Also, it represents what I thought was the epoch of Javascript's capabilities.

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Run Newton OS on the iPhone

If you look back at Apple’s Newton PDA device, it’s pretty clear that it was a major inspiration for iOS. You could say that Newton was the iPhone’s grandfather. Now, through the Open Einstein project, iPhone users can run an emulation of the Newton OS right on their modern devices. Downloading the code from the Open Einstein project’s site allows ...

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Ice Hockey On A Portable DVD Player

This portable entertainment center is the only one in existence advertised with the Ice Hockey game for the NES playing on it. Despite all the expected features of a portable DVD player like a 14-inch crystal clear TFT LCD screen, multi-format disc play (including MP3 and DivX) and a high quality TV tuner for use all over the world; this ...

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Mother 3 English Patch Available At The End Of The Week

Nintendo screwed over a lot of Earthbound fans by not releasing its sequel, Mother 3, in the states. Despite all the persistence the Earthbound community has demonstrated by forming petitions and massively spamming Nintendo Of America‘s mail room, the folks at Nintendo feel that translating Mother 3 into English will not yield much profit in the states. So, a crew ...

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DIY MAME Arcade Is A Blast From The Past

This DIY MAME cabinet is the kind of arcade system you always dreamed of having as a kid. John Keeler has crafted this work of art and while doing so, was kind enough to throw together a HOWTO so you can build your own. Aside from some of the neat stuff thrown into this thing, such as two NES, two ...

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GeMei X27 Media Player wants to be a Gameboy

The GeMei X27 vaguely resembles a sleek renovation of the Gameboy Micro, but with a clumpier feel and more options. This GeMei media player is capable of playing all the most used media formats; MP3, WMA, AVI, JPG, GIF, and BMP files. And you would be right in thinking that it’s media features seem to fit in with the reset ...

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