GeMei X27 Media Player wants to be a Gameboy

gemei x27

The GeMei X27 vaguely resembles a sleek renovation of the Gameboy Micro, but with a clumpier feel and more options. This GeMei media player is capable of playing all the most used media formats; MP3, WMA, AVI, JPG, GIF, and BMP files. And you would be right in thinking that it’s media features seem to fit in with the reset of the players on the market.

What makes the X27 stand out? How about it can be installed with emulations for FC, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color. Sure, it’s no PSP, but its an okay substitute for the hobos of gearheads and gamers

The X27 looks like a pretty compact contraption (105x50x11.5mm with a 2.5 inch LTPD LCD), but we aren’t quite sure that we are liking the design. If using it as a portable media player, don’t the buttons get pressed if you have it in your pocket and forget to hit the hold button (if there is one)?

GeMei packs this thing with 2GB of internal memory plus a micro SD slot. Plenty of room for a decent playlist. Though one question springs to mind that we think is in need of answering. Can you listen to music while the emulator is running or is that an impossibility? That would be a big factor in the consideration of owning one of these. — Andrew Dobrow

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