De-Evolution: Windows 95 Running on a Smartwatch


16 year-old Corbin Davenport was negative three years old when Windows 95 was released. NEGATIVE THREE YEARS OLD! Not even a twinkle in his father’s ‘eye’ (wink, wink) at that point. So he will never truly understand the enormity of what he has done here or why it is so significant for a geezer like me who actually grew up through the 80s and 90s.

Using emulator software, Davenport installed Windows 95 onto an Android Wear smartwatch, pretty much destroying any tiny bit of integrity the watch has left after being dragged through the mud as result of the Apple Watch announcement.

I’m totally going to get a custom tiny little hammer made, so when my watch BSODs, I can totally smash the screen into oblivion, just like the good ole days.


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