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America, The Great (Bookshelf)

I was going to rewrite the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner” but decided against it. It’s better that way. For the both of us. But yeah! Wow! What a bookshelf, right? Staying true to the lower 48, this United States of Readmerica bookshelf is awesome. It was made by Ron Arad and is titled “Oh, the farmer and the ...

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Mother 3 English Patch Available At The End Of The Week

Nintendo screwed over a lot of Earthbound fans by not releasing its sequel, Mother 3, in the states. Despite all the persistence the Earthbound community has demonstrated by forming petitions and massively spamming Nintendo Of America‘s mail room, the folks at Nintendo feel that translating Mother 3 into English will not yield much profit in the states. So, a crew ...

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Air Bag Demolition

It’s basic knowledge that the air bag in your car exerts tremendous force when it’s deployed. Now what if you took said air bag, put it in a refrigerator and wired it to go off when you plug it in? Take a look and find out. Watch the whole thing. When the dude goes to remove the air bag from ...

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Sega Tells It How It Is

Need further persuasion that the Wii is just downright bad? When the president of Sega of America starts talking shit, you know you’ve got trouble on your hands: “There is a lot of crap coming out for the Wii in general. But if it’s not a good game, it doesn’t sell.” “The Wii is a great opportunity for hitting hardcore ...

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