10 Alternatives to the Nintendo Wii Fit

Reggie Fils-Aime is a liar. He wants you to believe that the Wii Fit will make you skinny but the truth is: It won’t. To top it off, he’s one weird looking mother fucker.

Wii Fit is said to be influenced by activities in Miyamoto’s daily life. A Japanese man obsessed with clothes hanger puppets does not bench press or ski. Instead, he sits on his ass all day playing Mario. Oh that’s right, Miyamoto doesn’t play a lot of games; no wonder everything he comes up with just gets drier and drier.

But the man was on the cover of TIME magazine and although it was only because fanboys trolled the polls, Miyamoto deserves…something. Well, Miyamoto you managed to create a game of life’s little activities that keep people fit. The kind of stuff that anyone has access to without the need to purchase a Wii or Wii Fit. This video we’ve produced illustrates activities that will prevent your fat from overwhelming your helpless body. Yoga not included.

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