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Mother 3 English Patch Available At The End Of The Week

Nintendo screwed over a lot of Earthbound fans by not releasing its sequel, Mother 3, in the states. Despite all the persistence the Earthbound community has demonstrated by forming petitions and massively spamming Nintendo Of America‘s mail room, the folks at Nintendo feel that translating Mother 3 into English will not yield much profit in the states. So, a crew ...

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P8tch Things Up With MILF Hunter

See this patch that looks like it belongs on a messenger bag from 1994, right next to that goofy Nirvana logo? Good. First off, it’s not a patch like on your mommy’s quilt, it’s a P8tch. It features a special barcode that your cellphone (possibly) can scan. When scanned, the “patch” takes you to the URL of your choice. Have ...

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Life Index Will Tell You How Long You Have Left

In the year 2154, biometrics might be so advanced that they will be able to tell us how long we have left to live based on data retrieved from our bodies. Or at least that’s the type of technological advancement that the creator of the Life Index is hoping for in the future. Envisioned by One & Co for the ...

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