Top Cars For First Time Owners


Investing in a vehicle of your very own is an important step on the road to personal independence. No longer do you have to rely on the kindness of friends or family to give you a lift – never again will you have to wait for a bus that never comes in the pouring rain, or spend 100s of bucks every month commuting in a crowded train. Take a look at our selection of best cars available for the first time buyers...

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Traffic Sign Technology

Just as signs have changed to fit the times since the Roman period, in the future, road signs will need to change again to ensure they are relevant to the society they are required by. In the very near-future, it’s likely we’ll begin to see more digital road signs.

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A 3D Printed Car?

Genesis 3D Printed Car

Nir Seigel, a student at the Royal College of Art, has unveiled plans for a 3D printed car. The 3D printed car, which is being referred to as the "Genesis" won the Pilkington Design Award for best design interpretation.

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The NSX Concept-GT Hybrid Race Car

NSX Concept-GT

If you're waiting to see the 2015 NSX hybrid then this preview of the NSX concept-GT hybrid race car could be the sneak peek you're looking for. The upcoming 2015 NSX hybrid will be sold as an Acura in the US and is being anxiously awaited by NSX lovers worldwide.

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$139 A Month For Your New Smart Car?

Smart Fortwo ED

The Smart Fortwo ED may not be everyone's idea of the perfect family car but it might make budgeting car payments a lot easier for many. The Smart Fortwo ED is leasing for just $139 a month for a three year 30,000 mile lease. This leasing option might not provide you with a car large enough for a big family, but it is a good option for families in need of a budget car to get to and from work or errands.

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