Electric Car Conversion Kit: Do-It-Yourself

Check The Driving Radius Before Buying The Kit

If you are interested in electric car conversion kits, they are available from vendors to use in a do-it-yourself form. You should research the best types of cars suited for the electric car conversion kit as well as the type of car to meet your needs. The majority of electric cars can only be driven between 30 and 70 miles. For those of you who have a daily commute in this range, an electric car conversion kit for your vehicle makes perfect sense.

Electric car kit

It is also important for you to look at cars that fit your needs when considering an electric car conversion kit. A light weight sedan is a great choice for travel while a pickup or van is the likely choice for utility purposes. There are fancy electric car conversion kits that have been used in cars for racing and speed accelerations, however this is very rare.

Most electric car conversion kits allow your car to travel up to 25 miles per hour. You can carry up to four passengers. The cost is less than $10,000. An electric car conversion kit needs to be well designed and manufactured. The kit may include the motor, best brake controllers, battery chargers, and a fiberglass car body. You will need to replace the batteries each year for a cost of approximately $300. However, this is still much cheaper than the cost of gasoline, anti-freeze, hoses, filters, belts, radiator repairs, and the cost of engine tune ups in regular gas powered vehicles.

There are currently very few electric vehicle available. The choice to convert your gasoline driven vehicle into an electric one with the use of an electric car conversion kit is an excellent one. This will be a fun experience that is rewarding and exhilarating. However, it will also be a very challenging experience. Electric vehicles don’t pollute the environment so they are a very good alternative to the gas driven cars. Before choosing an electric car conversion kit, there are several factors to consider.

Start by considering the amount of miles you drive in a given day. You will need to see how using an electric vehicle fits into that routine. There are certain tools and supplies that you will need to install that conversion kit as well as a place to complete the conversion. You will need to be familiar with the components involved and the proper way to remove the ICE components to replace them with electric vehicle components. The installation of the motor, components, battery box, and batteries will take time and attention to detail. There is also the installing of the propulsion wiring, auxiliary power system and the traction pack to display the control. It is a good idea to test each item before putting the electric vehicle into use.

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