Lightweight and Fuel-Efficient: The Secret Combo Feature that Your Next Car Should Have

Consumers are all for economic saving efforts and environmental friendly choices. For cars, technological advancements have driven automakers to innovate on better car features that benefits both car owners and the environment. Vehicles are traditionally made up of steel but with increasing consumer demands and economic standards, the need to shift to better alternatives is the next best move. Among these materials are aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber.

Apparently, shifting to lightweight materials also equates to requiring less energy for cars. With it means that these vehicles require lesser fuel consumption. The use of lighter materials in cars doesn’t only increase fuel efficiency but it also benefits the vehicle as a whole. As Ford notes, “Few innovations provide a more wide-ranging performance and efficiency advantage than reducing weight. All factors of a vehicle’s capabilities—acceleration, handling, braking, safety, efficiency—can improve through the use of advanced, lighter materials.” All in all, it tells much of a win-win situation for everyone.

Promoting and campaigning for cleaner air

With the danger of air pollution, lighter and fuel-efficient vehicles campaign for cleaner air. Usually, cars emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and some others. These wreak havoc to the air that we breathe in, destroying the ozone layer and contributing to the biggest concern that needs to be addressed collectively: global warming and climate change. But through making smarter choices like opting for lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles can help reduce pollution by at least 50%.

Going for this type of vehicles also reduces dependency on fossil fuels. Because it requires lesser fuel, these cars significantly reduce the amount of gas consumption. This significantly reduces oil exploration especially in environment-sensitive areas. While there are alternative choices to non-renewable fuel like propane and biodiesel, reduced fuel demand would dramatically contribute to the improvement of not only our environment but also to wildlife preservation. As mentioned, it’s a win-win situation indeed.

Improved safety and efficiency

Contrary to popular beliefs, lighter cars still provide a high level of safety for drivers and passengers as with the traditional cars. With these innovating materials, strength and durability is never compromised. Carbon fiber composites, aluminum and magnesium may not be as big and bulky as steel but these materials have gone through ample crash tests proving that it’s as safe as any other car.

Other than that, lightweight vehicles are packed with materials that are easy to maneuver when driving and allows better movement in steering and pulling into tight parking spaces. It means that these cars are easier to handle than the clunky, big and awkward feeling that heavy steel cars give. A lightweight vehicle can also accelerate faster than those conventional cars. It’s the main reason why most parts of a racing car nowadays are built with carbon fiber or customized with diy carbon fiber.

Long term investment

According to Time’s take on fuel-efficient cars, “the secret lies in making it crystal clear how much they’ll save in gas costs over the long haul.” That statement alone proves that going for lighter, fuel-efficient vehicles is the smarter choice. With all the listed benefits in owning these type of cars, it’s definitely a guarantee that you will be getting the best value for your money.

As far as cost efficiency and environment friendly is concerned, lightweight and fuel-efficient cars make true to that promise. It’s crucial to keep those in mind when choosing your next vehicle. It also helps to be proactive in asking for specifications to get to know the kind of vehicle you are dealing with. Go for smarter choices for the future. Sooner or later, the world will surely thank you.

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