Car Brakes Most Common Problems and How to Fix Them

The automotive brake system problems can be difficult to deal with if you don’t know what is causing it? The fear may result in anxiety leaving you with questions like; will my car’s brake parts fail soon? Can I drive it now? Anyway, remember to check the vehicle history before buying to avoid hidden problems. Below are the common car problems you need to understand before mechanic suggests you to replace any of the parts.

Car brakes
  1. The brake pedal becomes soft

It is a big brake issue and generally a result of a leak in the system or common outcome of internal and external leaking of the master cylinder. If it becomes squishy like stepping on a plum and does not stop until you pump it. It is a case of a soft pedal and you should not drive any further in order to avoid any trouble.

The automotive master cylinder may fail internally or externally. So, the first thing you need to look check brake fluid level as per the user manual. If the fluid level is normal, then the problem is internal which you cannot describe just by looking at it. The only way to fix it is by replacing the trouble cylinder with a new one. No time should be wasted in rebuilding it.

  1. Lean towards one end while braking

An automotive leaning towards one side can be dangerous. This could be an outcome of many issues but in the majority of cases, it happens because of a frozen calliper. Over a period of time, the auto calliper may freeze, which may go unnoticed for some time. It may happen because of various reasons including bent pistons, improper lubrication etc.

If it happens because of improper lubrication, they can either be cleaned, lubricated or reinstalled. You can buy the overhaul calliper kits assembly online. You can rebuild it but it will take time in cleaning in other stuff. Buying a new one will cost you more, but over the time the cost will be recovered with the time you save.

  1. Steering Shakes when the brake pedal is pressed

This is a common problem with all cars regardless of the brand or model. When you drive on highway speed and apply brakes, you may realize that steering wheel is shaking. This could be a result of various problems including warped front rotors, irregularities due to excessive heat. This happens when cars sit for a longer period of time without any movement, the high humidity may lead rotors to rust. This issue can be solved easily without much hustle by resurfacing the rotors if they are thick enough.

  1. Up and down pedal pulses while pressing the pedal

When you realize that the pulse of brake pedal goes up and down every time you apply brakes, this is a braking issue. This happens because of warped out rotors. Like every other part, when rotors get old, it goes through several heating and cooling processes, it is inevitable for them not to lose their shape.

Car pedal

In case rotors are thick enough, you can resurface them or can replace them if they are not. If more than half of it is worn out, it is better to get them replaced for the peace of mind.

If you are looking for car brake parts in India, it is recommended to find them at online portals. It will not just save your time at the same time, brake parts cost much lesser. The vehicle brakes are important components and issues with it needs to be solved as soon as they come up. The parts of car’s brakes can be ordered from the vicinity of home. You can buy online here more on website boodmo.

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